Have you finished writing your new book? Are you planning to sell it now? Well, that is really great. You can easily reach your books to millions of user through Amazon. Yes, Amazon can make your books reach out to millions of readers out there. All you have to do is follow simple, easy steps and get you book sold. Here are simple steps discussed below by following which you can easily sell your book on Amazon.

Follow These Easy Steps

  • Create Seller Account: If you already have it then you do not have to make it again. However if you do not have it, then you should make it first. If you have your normal account with Amazon, then you will notice that on the right-hand side of the page “your other account” option. There you will find “your seller account” option. You have to sign in over there in order to sell. However, one thing that you must know is that you have to pay a subscription fee for it.
  • Payment Option: now you have to add the payment information. Upon selling books. You have to check the details on the settings tab and make all the necessary steps. You can edit the deposit method and add the location details.


  • Search For The Title: now you have to search for the title by going to the “sell your stuff” page. You have to the complete the details of the product and click on “sell on Amazon” button.
  • Set The Price: Now you have to decide on the price and input the price the over the price tab button. You need to keep the price low so that the purchasers will find it affordable to buy it from you.
  • Description: Now you need to describe the condition of the book whether it is hardcover or paperback and other details. There are various options available to describe the status of the book. You can select as per your preference.
  • Save And List Your Book: once you have added all the details, then you must save it and list. Then it will be made visible on the website of Amazon.
  • Ship Your Book:Now Amazon will provide you with the process of shipping the books to your nearest center. For this, you have to fill the registration details and go along with it.


  • Print Your Shipping Label: You can print the detail of the shipping label and packing slip as well. These documents are valuable, and you need to keep it safe sound.

Easy To Do

These are the easy and simple steps that will lead you to your success. These processes will make you book selling with Amazon complete. There are some other details too which will get right away once you visit the website. you need to fulfill all the details rightly so that there are no loopholes left. The process is simple and easy.